Having Been Human
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Wed May 30 18:01:48 2012
Training the Nose

Spent today helping an environmental science/advocacy group by volunteering at a trash sorting facility in Newark. Basically, we cut open trash bags that restaurants gave us and determined how well the contents were sorted by their recycling-class. It was disgusting, smelly, dirty work (and I am very glad I brought a change of clothes and a garbage bag in which to stow my worn clothes), but I like the purpose of the group; good statistics on this helps companies fine-tune their recycling instructions, helps support recycling in general, and helps them figure out if their employees are following the rules. The company's also working with manufacturers to try to make more recyc-friendly products.

Doing this meant waking up very early (for me) so I could be in Manhattan on time, and I just staggered to a teahouse in Manhattan not far from their offices (which we drove back to after the work ended). I am feeling kind of grossed-out by all food/drink right now, having been in contact with a lot of food/drink waste, but I'm trying to get over that. I'm glad that pretty much none of it got on my skin directly (thanks to good gloves and stuff) so I don't have to go right home. It was an interesting, novel, and tiring day.

I'm hoping to stay in Manhattan at least until Manhattanhenge tonight, but it's possible my body might veto that plan.