Having Been Human
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Thu May 31 20:30:44 2012

A few months ago, I made a typo in AmaroK, a KDE-based music player that I don't really use to play music but which has the useful feature of being able to grab cover art for CDs and pack it into your MP3s/OGGs so the Android music player (and other software too, presumably) will be able to show it as cover art. I was tagging some "Sad Kermit" songs, and meant to just give them a cover art of Kermit the Frog I found, but unfortunately because those songs arn't in a proper album, they're tagged with "misc" as their album (under my tagging scheme), and I accidentally told AmaroK to apply that cover to *all* files in my collection with the album as "misc". Since then I have been doing my darndest to undo that terrible error, and Kermit the Frog has been haunting me. It doesn't help that there are not good tools to manipulate the plethora of ID3 tag formats.

I finally found a tool today that's letting me see and selectively erase album art from MP3s and OGGs. Finally, no more Kermit. Just to be sure that AmaroK won't re-apply the tag, I nuked AmaroK's configdir.

It's kind of ridiculous.