Having Been Human
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Sat Jun 2 19:56:22 2012
Immersion in a story

I am re-immersing myself in the world of Elya Pael. It's really helping me to put together a story to organise a detailed account of her world on an internal wiki. There's a topic I'd like to include in there that's probably really hot-button (even as it's only lightly explored), and I'm not entirely sure I can do it justice; I'm not entirely sure, presuming I ever actually make another go at drawing or writing this, that it's something I'll include (or do more than hint at). If I had a collaborator on this, I'd love to talk it over with them. I regret not talking about this more with Kep when we were keeping in touch more, but I wasn't thinking about the story a lot when I was dating-ish her.

It's not that I'm worried about pissing people off by not moralising on the topic (the story is more about playing with ideas, and it is *not* set in a universe where good deeds and bad deed get their just desserts; it's set in a world that doesn't have right answers, just a variety of complex perspectives and complex actors with temptations and confusion, much like reality), I'm mainly worried about getting things wrong. It'd be easy for me to paint Elya in nonrealistic ways, particularly because she's not that much like me.