Having Been Human
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Sun Jun 3 00:51:58 2012
Mourning fixed bugs

Off the success of de-kermiting my music collection, tonight I tracked down what browser add-on in Firefox was making for weird tab behaviour (was a GMail-reading app); the first tab in some of my browser windows was invisible to the tab list (but could be reached by the keyboard) and brought up an error dialogue when closed.

I almost regret fixing it; when one gets used to a quirk for long enough, seeing things go properly feels dull.

The process of figuring out the plugin wasn't very pleasant; disabled all extensions, restarted, saw all was good, enabled half extensions, restarted, all was okay, enable half more, restarted, saw the bug, disabled half the things I enabled, ....

I just started using pinned browser tabs though, so I guess I don't need that extension anymore. That feature is also helping me waste less time browsing; it solidly breaks the old habit of cycling through a few (generally social) sites when procrastinating, because they're all already open.