Having Been Human
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Tue Jun 5 01:54:23 2012

Still pretty grumbly at some factions of feminism/activism wanting to control other people's language outside the narrow bounds when it's possibly ok. All these legitimate things to think about in general that shouldn't amount to actionability. Like groups feeling marginalised.

Maybe those crazy factions should try to rename feminism itself, because its goals certainly arn't just about women.

But while it's not a great name, and I think it's worth noting that, I am not actually for this; it's just one of those things that people have to deal with. We're not going to try to fix everything, because controlling general speech is basically pretty obnoxious, and there's really no end to what people might find marginalising, oppressive, or possibly have some other negative effects. We restrict criticism to focus on intent as a way to avoid an insane quest to remake language continually in the name of oversensitive people who develop a stick up their tuchas over every little thing. In doing so, we do say "too bad" to some reasonable things to think about, in the name of comfort in expression for everyone else. Sorry, them's the rub.

I do like the idea of adapting the game "Advocacy" by Mark-Jason Dominus, into a game where someone names something pretty normal or even feminist/anti-racist/whatever and then everyone makes submissions trying to imagine how it's oppressive/marginalising/terrible/traitorous-to-real-feminism. I think I'd call it "Genderbitch", because having occasionally looked at her terrible blog, she's denounced basically everyone but her for being false feminists. Dan Savage. Jezebel. You name it, she's decided they're not good enough for her and she's calling them out. And there's a chorus of morons in her comment section cheering her on.

I suppose that's not really fair. They're not morons. They're no doubt real people who have suffered injustice, and they're enjoying her expressions of anger as ways to get catharsis over a world that has probably wronged them badly. And that's probably true for her as well. It's not the right way to go about these things, but it's probably pretty understandable. It's still not something that should be encouraged, and it's over-the-top enough that I'm willing to name this game after her.