Having Been Human
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Wed Jun 6 14:30:14 2012
Feline violence

A lot of the time, my cats are cute together; they'll snuggle and mutually groom. sooner or later though their limbs wrapping around each other begin to get a certain look, and within a minute or two, generally the male cat will nip the the female cat and start to play-fight and she runs away. Sometimes it goes the other way too.

I'm trying to learn to spot when that's about to happen and distract/pet the would-be aggressor, which earns me less cats-chasing-each-other around the apartment, less noise, and more scenes of cat cuteness. I used to think that Beefalo (female cat) universally disliked this and wanted to snuggle all the time, but that's pretty clearly not true given that she sometimes starts these fights (although being smaller, she doesn't generally win them).