Having Been Human
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Thu Jun 7 13:52:25 2012
Brains and Code

Last night: went to SciCafe at AMNH, where they had someone lecture on the neuropsych nature of fear reactions. It was a cool event; I didn't learn that much because I already was familiar with most of what was covered, but it was great to bask in the glow of science. There were also a number of really smart people there; university-types, mostly. It felt good to be around them.

The seating was a bit inadequate, in that a lot of people had to stand, but that was okay (my legs did get tired, but it was a fairly short lecture). I'm starting to recognise the people I see at the same events repeatedly.

Slept like a rock once I made it home. Well, after some network stuff for work.

Today I had yet another phone interview, although it was pretty decent. Much more pseudo-code big-picture-oriented than I expected, which is a good thing. While preparing for it I was staring at some of my big Perl OO projects to make sure I'm versed on the details of the language, and I found that the Perl OO stuff has moved on to bigger and smarter solutions since I was creating my initial boilerplate. I need to get with the times.