Having Been Human
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Wed Jun 20 02:55:03 2012
Post Exhaustion

On some level I'm bothered by how many different social media I am posting on, and how so much of the content is going to places where I have very little ability to archive copies unless I do it manually. Not just copies, really; conversations. I don't like losing copies of conversations, partly because I sometimes like to look back to see how my positions have evolved, partly because sometimes I like to think about the consistency of my (or others) positions, and partly because it helps a bit with lonliness to be reminded that I exist in the social world, at least a bit. Maybe I also sometimes dimly remember an idea from a conversation and want to pull the whole thing back into focus for further elaboration.

Google interview is coming up next monday. Hoping they end up wanting me. Hard to know beforehand. Preperation is so far worthwhile and fun.

Still really lonely. Birthday is coming up, and that feels weird because it's another marker of time; another very lonely year, plus a marker of my having not yet really made significant social ties where I'm living. After these months, it's still the case that there is nobody who's looking to hang out with me here. No invitations. No regular conversations. Nothing. I am learning places, I am not meeting people. Sigh.

I have ridiculous amounts of things left to read and write about. I'm also starting to try to pull my ideas about starting a philosophy meetup together; likely will focus on jurisprudential topics if there are enough people interested in that, might go with comparitive jurisprudence and try to do sharia, halakah, rawlsian, commonlaw, and other analyses of various topics like negligence, evidence, fairness, and the like. Are enough people actually interested in these things?