Having Been Human
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Sat Jun 23 19:29:21 2012
Rhodes and Trails

Google interview on monday. Will be interesting to see how I do.

Yesterday: Went to VMAC machine room to do an upgrade, which turned really messy because the machine I was hoping to upgrade doesn't support USBKey booting. Ended up burning a CD. Also, terrible RAID controller. I am glad that the CTO was there with me to see that the problems are real (bothered at some tone things between us recently). Ended up finishing way behind schedule, have been rebuilding it today, although I've been slammed by a (so far) 9-hour migraine that's been swallowing the day. Pain levels rise and fall, I'm trying to do work in the down parts, like now. Hoping to get DNS back up for the system, but its config may have been made incorrect a long time ago but never exposed because the system never reboots. Tempted to rewrite from scratch; that may be what I need to do.

I really should be studying for the interview. I really should not be lying in bed in intense pain with a cold washcloth over my head when I should be trying to work and maybe out there enjoying the day. Migraines. Grr.

On the upside, I did get to take a non-MTA train from the machine room in Jersey back into NYC yesterday, and that was kind of cool. It was a double-decker, and was amazingly smooth; I didn't even feel it pull out of the station, I just spotted that the background was suddenly moving. Well-done!

Started to make one of my stews, with okra this time. I really should go get some new spinach and sour cream before the store closes. Might do that now; I think the migraine is at a low enough level that I can be outside. Hopefully. I really don't want to rewrite BIND from scratch, but...