Having Been Human
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Tue Jun 26 13:26:11 2012
Dreams of Bad Science

Just had a very vivid dream of being on a bus, reading on my phone from a news site an article about two large planets that were found orbiting inside the sun as "defects" (article title: planets found as defects inside the sun). The article had some explanation as to why the planets were not destroyed by the sun's atmosphere, and included some scientific speculation as to how they might be visited (one was rocky, one gaseous), perhaps a strong magnetosphere?

I remember finding it weird and fascinating, and asked if anyone else on the bus had heard of it and got some "yes's" from a fair number of others.

As I was starting to wake up, I resolved to see if this is something real that I read about from the corner of my eyes or something I made up; I considered it unlikely enough that it's probably not real (hedging slightly in that I imagine a much larger star, later in its lifetime, might have an outer atmosphere that's no longer undergoing fusion that might permit engulfed planets to survive for awhile, maybe).

Slightly disappointing to find that I made it up. Oh well. It'ss probably a heavily distorted version of a recent story I did read about two giant planets being found surprisingly close to each other, one rocky one gaseous, in another solar system (but not close to their star, IIRC).