Having Been Human
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Fri Jun 29 23:08:07 2012
Selective enforcement and the fragility of political gains

Feeling oddly restless tonught. Having trouble getting to sleep.

Trying to distract myself by thinking about things, but I keep getting distracted by working out the details of how the perogatives of the executive branch works in our government, which is generally a frustrating topic. It's worth thinking about, but not now; I'm too exhausted to even continue conversations on G+ or my blog right now, which have been surprisingly civil and decent mostly. I'd just like to get my head off of contentious topics altogether, maybe just hang out with someone and have a chill conversation on something else.

I really should be doing art things, or practicing knitting, or writing up invoices for my part-time job; the latter is so incredibly dull that I have almost two months worth of work to calculate the hours for and send out; I'd rather *do* the work than handle the dullness of tallying it and thinking about money. Gah.

Nothing feels fun or relaxing or social.