Having Been Human
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Sun Jul 1 14:32:58 2012
Extending Stories

In theory I should've gone running with a bunch of other seculars this morning, but it was too hot and a quick test run indicated I would not have a good time, so I skipped it.

On the train to Williamsburgh today I had an insight for the backstory for on one of the very-backburner storyworlds I think about; this one is about a return of classical deities to take all people, as groups, to the mythic afterlives. The story explores destiny, death, and identity. The innovation here is the why for the event that marks the end times; the suicide of Yahweh, after long madness brought by lonliness brought by shutting all the other gods away from the world. The pains of modern civilisation are framed as reflections of madness of the Abrahamic god, people naturally living partly in the minds of their gods. This gives me a number of interesting tensions to play off, as well as themes to play with in the human-centric parts of the story, plus it lets me play with the polytheistic roots before Judaism became monotheistic, and gives me an explanation for taking Abrahamic faiths out of the picture. I might need to revise the main characters a bit. I'm not sure if this is a story I'll ever publish anywhere; right now I have 9 stories with similarly extensive notes, and the X-odus story is the one I'm most keen on making public, but maybe someday. If not, it adds to the richness of my inner life, and just like with much of my philosophy, that's good enough for me.

Still playing with FUSE a lot. The filesystem interface to various databases is turning out to be useful and fun, although I keep learning how to arrange my code better and completely throwing out all my old approaches. Hopefully sometime I'll reach a foundation I'm happy with that I can layer into code that can be shared in part with other FUSE projects.

Next week will probably get me an answer on whether I'm hired.

I have yet another essay to wrote; "A Society, Sovereign" will be a moderate reworking of my ideas on law and governance. Might have to do that later; I'd like to mostly work on redoing my website today.