Having Been Human
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Mon Jul 2 11:44:35 2012

Oddly disturbed to see the aging of people I distantly knew when I was younger. The aging curve of many humans is oddly shaped; there's this big pause in how people look from 25-40, then aging starts up again. Singers, politicians, writers... it's sadder than a sudden death, at least from afar, in that it changes how we once knew them. The infinitive form of a person. Maybe it's also the feeling of a generation gap; I can no longer keep pointing at people in the context in which I learned them and not require people to tilt their head so they can look back down the passages of time to see that. The aging rocker, Cyndi Lauper existing in the age of Madonna as an alternative, Dar Williams as an enigma to her fans rather than a figure of wisdom exploring aging, Bob Dylan ...

Gestern saw me sitting in a coffeeshop in Williamsburgh, trying to figure out what a new revision to my website would look like, then trying to inspire myself to write more... neither successful. A trip back to South Brooklyn, tried an excellent Indian restauraunt (with a less-than-amazing outward look; pattern in NYC), walked the rest of the way home, but was distracted by seeing a lot of people in the park. Detoured into it, took some pictures and a nap, then went the rest of the way home.

Still waiting for people to get back to me on various things. Not feeling inspired to do much right now.

Recently wrote this comment on this article on the right-wing-media site known as the Guardian Express. I don't expect the comment to remain posted. Still immensely frustrated at how low the journalistic standards are for right wing media. Being obviously a liberal, I don't expect my criticisms to reach the people whom I would criticise, and I haven't been doing the sockpuppetry so much recently to get around disqualification arguments. It was a good method, but maintaining a presence in that way for all the identities got exhausting. It did help me stay informed (required me to, really) though.

A week or so ago I saw on an episode of QI a question about the age of various things, and was weirded out that a mountain is younger than many species of life. Probably should not have been so surprised, really. Reasoning through it helps, but it's still strange to think about.

My hair's curliness at this length makes it look like it is composed of corkscrews.