Having Been Human
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Mon Jul 2 23:43:01 2012
Whom to Protest For

The local atheist group seems to have some people who are upset that they can't get a lot of people interested in protesting the imprisonment of an atheist in Indonesia. I understand why there's little interest, perhaps.

It's basically that this kind of thing happens all the time. It's not interesting. In any given week, another unjust imprisonment happens somewhere that's high-profile enough to catch the news, often for this cause, often for other causes.

So why this guy? It's a damned shame that he's been locked away, but he's just another point in a stream. If we protested even a quarter of the people locked away unjustly, we'd be protesting every single week, perhaps every single day. Heck, if we included the people whose lives were wasted through inadequate educational opportunities, sexism, being born of the wrong race or caste, or likewise, there would be no end to our protests.

So yeah, sorry Alexander Aan, what's happening to you really is a shame, and I would stop it if I could, but I'm not going to a protest specifically for you when the whole world is full of this kind of basic injustice. Pushing for a better world? Spreading awareness of the bad and trying to share notions of the good? That's the best I can do right now that might help.

And to my fellow atheists, please don't pick such narrow foci for protests.