Having Been Human
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Tue Jul 3 12:10:08 2012
Automated Mail Woes

Got a scary snailmail from PNC a few days ago about my account being abandoned and their not having found a way to reach me OMG CONTACT US OR ELSE. Sigh. I hate moving. But I really thought I had taken care of all the bank stuff for both banks, so I checked online and things looked good, so I checked the statements that I had been receiving from them and things also looked good. No traces of old addresses left. So I called them up, worried that perhaps some company figured out that I bank with PNC and provided a fake telephone number and all, making sure I called the number on the statements I actually am receiving.

Turns out the letter was sent regarding an investment account setup they migrated all their customers away from (when they changed investment houses a year ago or something); they never closed the extra accounts and snailmail was still apparently being sent associated with the (now outdated, for me) old, empty accounts. Sigh.

This kind of thing is a lot more irritating than the occasional bills I've gotten for $0.00 (at least one of which got me nasty followup letters when I did not pay it).

I guess it saves a lot of money when machines send mail, but there are times when I really wish human sanity checks were done before mail gets a stamp on it.

Yeah, I guess this isn't really a woe, just a microgrumble.