Having Been Human
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Thu Jul 5 12:21:34 2012
Delayed Post-Migraine High?

Last night I had a long-onset migraine; woke up, felt the day might have a migraine eventually, but got out and had a quiet day (didn't go far, admittedly), then made it back home with a bit of time to prepare for a migraine that started around 9pm and lasted until after I fell asleep (was still going on at 4am, one of the times I woke and paced for a bit until I managed to get back to sleep). Thank goodness for the meditation I learned ages ago that helps.

The weird thing is, I woke up this morning with a post-migraine high. Those are always a mixed bag for me; they feel great in some ways; my mind feels sharp, my body feels great, I feel all the energy I think I should feel more of the time. The downside is that I feel a bit queasy (in the butterflies-in-the-stomach way), which is a different queasy than the queasy I feel during the migraine, but I don't really want to follow one queasy with another. Also, I don't really know what to do with that energy, and the self-control that is the basis of a lot of my personality isn't quite there. It's a bit like being drunk in that respect; the habits of reflecting on everything, weighing and predicting possibilities of actions before I take them, are just not working right and I might say things that serve short-term instinct over long-term wisdom. (Occasionally people have commented that this is exactly what I need in my life, but...)

Anyhow, at Vineapple today, reading about yet another flamewar in the secular movement on the topic of feminism in the movement.