Having Been Human
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Fri Jul 6 02:26:14 2012
Sound of Phones Not Ringing

I'm always a bit bitter when I live somewhere and other people pass nearby without wanting to hang out. But it's generally a sign that I just need to cut those people out of my life. Still disappointing, particularly when they make special effort to see other people nearby. Sometimes it's for the best though; the accumulated bitterness when it's happened several times makes me increasingly disinclined to see such people, and there are many such people.

Oh well. I need new friends, and I have dead branches to prune. So what. Best to figure out a way to make a real future instead of reflecting on a broken past. While CMU may have generally given me few social ties, I'm trying to reopen a few ties from my pre-CMU days, at least in the internet-connected form.

Laptop is oddly sluggish, might be the heat. Pleasantly surprised that the wireless connection hasn't died all evening so I haven't needed to tether (yet). Still waiting to hear back about that job; will probably send an email on Friday if I haven't heard anything yet. Also still waiting to hear back from my virtual colo provider, which is pretty frustrating because it's been over a week since I ordered the new VPS.

Still wondering if all the time and effort I put into all the writing I do is worth anything. I guess it's hard for anything to feel meaningful in life right now without having any functional local human ties.

Really irritated at the broken bed. Tonight I jammed a long pillow into the space where the wooden slats keep falling out of place; the bed is lumpy now but so far it hasn't fallen apart again in that way.

Wondering if I might do well to get a membership to the NYC pools ; some swimming might cheer me up.

Also wondering if I should get another Kindle or wait for something else as an E-Reader; I definitely don't want a non-EInk tablet for that because the battery life would not be sufficient (probably), but while the Kindle is a cool device, its interface is not that great. I got used to it, but I'd like something better.