Having Been Human
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Fri Jul 6 17:56:18 2012
Exploring Fingers

Learned that DNS glue records arn't necessarily IP-based during this server migration. Good to learn something new.

Recently been thinking about how I would manage arbitrary scaling of vector image data, giving myself the testcase of imagining having a Mapquest map of the whole world in a gigantic vector format; if I were handing bits of that off to web clients, they probably don't need the whole thing, and in many cases they'd be happier with simple approximations for areas they're not looking into at high resolution. Presumably we'd want features that are listed with ranges of resolutions they're valid for, stored in the same database as all the other features, all selected for using some kind of database query and handed to some thinnish HTML5 client; the client could use inappropriate ranges while it loads the proper ones (provided it has *some* range for a feature, and maybe it should always load a standby).

The heat gives us the chance to see animals in a fairly rare mode; the code paths that are part of how birds deal with heat are not exercised often; seeing them leaning into a feature on the side of the building, or seeing my cats curled up in corners of the room with their legs flayed a certain way, it's weird behaviour to observe.

Recently had the title of a (then risque, I thought) CD my dad had around when I was younger pop into my mind, looked it up, saw the cover, was amused to kinda remember it. At the time I thought it was so out there.

I still need to go visit JamaicaQueens sometime, and also have some things to do at the bank. Can't seem to get motivated with this heat.