Having Been Human
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Fri Jul 6 18:49:02 2012
Being Overcynical

I'm feeling kind of bad for being overcynical on the stuff CFI was doing relating to Alexander Aan. I still feel it's curiously targeted, as Indonesia is kind of backwards, and this kind of thing happens all the time (I tweeted about someone killed in Pakistan for expressing similar views), but apparently the protests made the news and are getting back to the Indonesian people (and state) in a useful way. My judgement that the protest was useless was pretty clearly wrong.

I didn't actually send any of the grumpy reply-tweets I was dreaming up, which is probably a good thing; my foot-in-mouth is more of a foot-in-mind (although I did consciously decide not to attend the protest). I don't really regret not going, but the dismissiveness in my head is regrettable. I should try to remember that it's hard to judge how protest targets will respond to protests, and be a better judge of these things in the future.

I guess there's no point in apologising to the people who were organising the thing for my unexpressed opinions (although one of the things I was tempted to express, that it was obnoxious for one of them to tweet the event over and over for the two days before the protest, is something I could probably stand by. Probably. There arn't good rules for how Twitter should be used)