Having Been Human
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Sat Jul 7 12:08:39 2012
Fractal Fair

Took care of that boring bank stuff today, walked through a large openair market afterwards. I was amused to see multiple copies of some booths; once your fair is big enough that booths start to repeat themselves on the theory that people might not walk enough through the fair to find your other booth(s), you have a recipe for endless growth. A lot of booths were glass junk, several others were iPod cases, plus some food and clothes and other stuff.

Had a daydream of a city that was just like that; a continual fest in the middle, with side streets where all that stuff is made and some farms and mines a bit further out. Apart from it not having places for people to sleep or have recreation, maybe it wasn't terribly off.

Also found myself analysing how I tend to look at people; being a social animal raised in a wealthy family, but one who's subsequently flavoured himself with both socialism and academia, there are a lot of perceptions and criteria that float through my head when I see people around me. Some of these are probably not very fair, some are snooty, etc. I don't really care so much about that; I have aesthetics, and if I see someone with a nasty deformity (as I did today; some nasty autoimmune disorder according to the guy's sign; dude's face looked like a car ran over a pizza) or morbid obesity, I'm going to get a bit queasy. I used to struggle with this, now I don't shy from the impression, I just try not to make things worse for such people.

Hoping my cats are okay; did a bit more to arrange my apartment to stay cool before I left this morning. Turned off computers, blocked window-light more, and spent some time thinking about airflow. To my pleasure, leaving the room also probably helps; there are not a lot of active sources of heat in my room right now, those probably just being my two cats and me (and laptop, although I've been turning it off at night) when I'm around. Still, not being there means not being able to tell if my cats are having trouble, have knocked their water over again, or things like that.