Having Been Human
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Sat Jul 7 12:46:20 2012

Really appreciating the importance of good chairs right now; I find it very hard to focus on work while in an unpleasant chair. The office chairs the CS department at CMU bought for everyone during the move to GHC were really good; supportive, relaxing, adjustable. By contrast, this barstool is making it nearly impossible to focus. My bedcouch at home is middling-to-poor for coding (I have nothing better there), still better than this. There is a swingycouch on the front porch which is pretty decent. Ideally I'd either have another one of the chairs I had at CMU or a hammock (although my laptop's furnace-level-of-heat might make a hammock uncomfortable quickly).

Trying to figure out if I want to stay here or move somewhere else; I have some things I want to do today that require focus, but I don't really want to head home (at least partly because of no AC); there are some other places that might be comfortable, but only if the couches are available. Might mosey into Williamsburgh or head down to Brooklyn Heights; BlackBrickCoffee or Vineapple are comfortable work environments.

Ugh, barstools. Hate.