Having Been Human
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Sun Jul 8 20:19:00 2012
Before the borders

One of my sisters, Andrea, came down from Boston to hang out with me for part of today. She's actually in the area for job training somewhere in Jersey, but decided to show up a day early; we walked around Manhattan for a bit, talking about family things, then walked the Brooklyn Bridge, hung out in Brooklyn Heights, then Dumbo for a bit. Good times... well, except I had a low-grade migraine the whole time, but that's pretty common nowadays. Damnnable biology.

The heatwave is on its way down. Hurrah.

I am still surprised that people don't see the brokenness of third-wave discourse; I suppose I could offer an analysis of the whole thing, and maybe I should because I've learned that unless there's more than one person offering frameworks of thought that are being considered, anyone who doesn't share that one framework will be judged by that one framework; either people show the reasonability of their position and set the stage for pluralism of perspectives, or they will suffer from any differences. But it is tiring stuff, and not all that interesting to argue foundations with people in a culture that produces such poor mental habits and totalising discourse; agree with someone 85% practically and offer commentary on the remaining 15% and they'll jump down your throat for derailing. That and people who think the most strident form of a position is the most worthwhile one; do I bother? More frustrated at people on G+ than twitter/LJ right now on this front. Still, how the heck did we allow the third-wavers to grab the minds of people who should know better? The wrong people and ideas are far too prominent. Hopefully we can eventually drag people back to the baseline and unravel that whole third-wave monster.

I need to finish getting ready for the philosophy meetup next week.