Having Been Human
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Mon Jul 9 19:05:56 2012
Leaving more stones behind me

Just shut down the second iteration of dachte.org, having finished migrating everything to the third iteration. It always leaves me a bit wistful to do this kind of thing, but the new server has far greater resources; if I wanted to I could even run VNC/X on it and have a desktop to log in from anywhere. I probably won't though. 1G of RAM is a lot more than what I was dealing with, but it's still not *that* much.

I'm doing housekeeping of other sorts too, tidying up bits of my life and closing some longstanding deliberations on how to react to certain things, throwing out papers and books that no longer need reading, and similar. In some cases, this leaves me with sadness, in some cases there's some anger.

I'm not sure how many of these things will lead to greater happiness, simplicity, integrity, or the other things I care about in my life. Some will probably be positive by some metrics and negative by others. Hopefully all will generally lead to less stress, and some of them clear out some delusions that I hung onto for some time.

I spent some time playing computer games today; parts of me were philosophising over other things the whole way through, as usual. One of the bits of me whispering through my ear suggested that moving to NYC is one of those things you do when you have a bunch of friends and can convince them to come along; trying to make new friends while already in NYC is like hoping to provision for camping when you're already on the trail. I hope that's wrong.

I wonder if I have enough variety in my diet. I have not found an equivalent to Taza 21 here; nothing even close. Homestyle Syrian food is probably not common anywhere in the US. Unfortunately, the tension between that and Indian food kept my diet varied and healthy in Pittsburgh; here there's plenty of Indian food, but I'm missing the other pillar. I'm feeling the limitations of the vegetarian diet more solidly than I have for many years right now. There are the things I cook for myself; my stews, burritos, and bread, but that's still feeling limited. There's also the (expensive) breaded tofu I sometimes buy. Maybe I'm not getting enough fresh fruits. I think the problem is not just that I don't eat enough variety, I've also forgotten the variety that exists in food to some extent, or I've somehow not beaten it into my brain that I can eat (and in many cases cook) those other things. It's a weird mental block.

There's someone on G+ I talk with often who's pretty great on most topics but seems to be pretty kooky on a few matters. At least, as far as I can tell; they're mostly a few scientific matters where he has a very very strong opinion on certain astronomical things, and his opinion is AFAICT in the small minority of opinions. I am really not the right person to gainsay him; I try to follow astrophysics just like any other science, but I am by no means an expert. I'm not sure if/how I should deal with him on the issue; his clear expertise on completely unrelated topics has gotten him a number of followers, and I'm worried that he's leading them away from scientific consensus. Sigh. Maybe there's nothing I can do.