Having Been Human
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Wed Jul 11 09:19:36 2012
After the click

I sometimes think there should be some way for software (or people) to guard against the delay between when someone decides to close a program/actually instructs their body to do it, and the time it actually finishes happening.

There have been too many times in chat programs where a message for me appears on the screen but I'm already entering the keystrokes or clicking to close the program and I don't get the time to read the message. In instant messaging, all my conversations are logged, so I just need to search the logs to find the thing with the most current timestamp and read the long. On IRC or in other media, that doesn't work; the messages are just lost.

Maybe software should think enough about time-to-read to notify us about things we might've just missed; the software could send me an email, or give me a popup, or something like that? Maybe to handle this properly, we need to move more to the model of disconnect-then-close-the-software rather than a one-step maneuver?