Having Been Human
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Fri Jul 13 13:30:22 2012
Learning through Laughter

I recently subscribed to a twitter feed that's making fun of the extremes of third-wave discourse happening on twitter. It's hilarious, curated to show the extremes of some of the silly stuff on the fringes of the CMU community; all these people who need to feel special and decide to project their personality deeply into these frames of gender-role-identity that they insist that others recognise while at the same time keep finding new ways to make them incomprehensible. I don't play that game anymore, in a lot of ways.

But ... while looking and laughing at a link to a tumblrpost (Squickish!) that describes something kinda out there, I think I can appreciate that this is actually part of the human experience, it always will be part of someone's story, and that's ok. Maybe I always knew that on some level, and I do think it probably should not be on the internet (speaking as someone who puts a lot of my head on the internet), but there's nothing wrong with it itself or with sharing it inside a safe community.

Yeah, dude is a freak, but we're all a bit of a freak here and there, and while we generally try to tuck that stuff in when we're in public, it's fine that it exists. Heck, while I'm comfortable with being as open as I am, it's probably ok that people be even more open than I am; it's something I would generally strongly advise people against sharing, but if he's comfortable sharing it, that's fine. And yes, I'll be slightly horrified and laugh at the post, and I am very comfortable with that laughter, and I might poke a bit of fun were I to know him in person, but I won't object to it.

I'm sure a decent percentage of the population has some tales they're not telling of oddly-acquired sexual gratification they got when they were young.

Maybe what I'm getting through this is an increased love of humanity in all their bizarre, freaky forms. I don't need to validate them, I don't even need not to laugh at them, but I'm loving the human condition.