Having Been Human
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Sat Jul 14 17:58:35 2012
Stories longer than memories

Strange experience: Seeing an editorial in the news, finding it interesting, getting ready to write a commentary on it, and suddenly realising that:

  1. The story is older than you thought, and
  2. You have already left a comment on it that addresses most of what you just wanted to address
.. that's kind of weird.

Weirder yet is reading your own comment, deciding you only agree with it 80%, and want to write a reply challenging a few bits, but realise that the person that wrote it is:

  1. You
  2. A version of you that's not likely to respond unless you can dig that version out of your brain, at which point you might as well have a conversation with it directly
I guess that's part of why the process of writing extensively makes for versions of us that are bigger than the us-of-the-moment.