Having Been Human
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Tue Jul 17 16:05:49 2012
Turf and Quietness

There are some people I vaguely know here who never reciprocated to earlier (successful or unsuccessful) invites to grab meals, who at that time recommended some places in NYC. Now I'm not sure if I should visit those places, because it's become kinda awkward I think that they never reached out, and I've kinda written them off. They may have just largely forgotten that I exist, or that I live in the city. OTOH I should keep exploring. It might help shake off the depression.

I find my memory of my time in PHL fading a lot quicker than I expected. I guess maybe because I didn't really do anything there. Wondering if the time I'm in now will fade quickly too if/when the pace of my life picks up again.

Playing with FUSE some more. Wondering how hard it would be to create a fake shell (or scripting) environment that would let me have most of what FUSE does if it's not available on a system. Or is that just being too paranoid and is it too hard/fragile to be worth doing? I want to build things on FUSE, I really do. I just don't want the code to be throwaway in 5 years if/when it becomes hard to get FUSE where I want it, and I don't want to have a troublesome dependency on software I hand out. Plan9 had the right idea having this stuff in the base system.