Having Been Human
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Wed Jul 18 16:36:45 2012
Visual Cortexercise

I like how the bathroom patterns at Vineapple are circles organised in "the brick pattern", which ends up being hexagon-like because the circles are circles. Staring into that sea of circles, if I defocus slightly I see patterns (and colours, to a limited extent) jump out at me. It's cool doing this while imagining the early stages of the shape path of the visual cortex competing with each other and trying to coalesce into some kind of object-analysis. I guess that's a way of scooping adaptations that are part of an EEA that we'll never leave and exposing them as, in the limited context of examining a false apparent reality, noise. Adaptive, noise, maladaptive; it helps put the categories in contrast. Pretty concepts.

Right now there is a huge storm battling NYC's heatwave. It's very dark and noisy outside.