Having Been Human
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Tue Jul 24 17:50:28 2012
Life in the Glade

Yesterday, spent much of the evening hanging out with Dunzor, someone I didn't remember from Pgh; talked about various topics in activism, life, etc, while walking between various places near Prospect Park. She moved to Brooklyn at roughly the same time I did, except right from Pittsburgh to here.

Today, I will be heading to what'll probably be my last attending of a particular meetup; it's always been a meetup theoretically for a (local secular) group, and that group (and the meetup) are looking to implement membership fees. I've so far just thought of it as a philosophy meetup, but the possibility of that is being (intentionally) narrowed, and I'm still rationing money so it's hard for me to manage memberships right now. Still, should be a fun last meeting; the topic is pretty interesting. And perhaps they'll decide not to go ahead with that plan after all.