Having Been Human
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Mon Jul 30 00:02:37 2012
Cats and Room

I sometimes feel weird about how little space my cats exist in; I've been holed up in my apartment a lot recently because I'm depressed (and also saving money), but I still try to get out and do things at least once every other day, and the time in the park helps. It seems strange to think that they have so little roaming space, and that over their lives all that's changed is which room in the country they're in. I don't know how much their lesser mental capacity makes this easier or tougher for them; being naturally desert creatures, cats probably evolved with a lot more space, just kept in by those borders of having familiar ground to return to most days. People have those too.

In keeping them as pets, are we taking away one of the few things they have, or are we doing less harm because they are not as legitimately there? I suppose even the first is complicated by there not being so much wilderness left in the world; just like humans, we have produced vast numbers of cats for our amusement, and nomadicism might not work given their numbers. Perhaps a primal, unredressable crime, or perhaps a favour. At least an unusual trade.

Still wondering what to do next with my life.