Having Been Human
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Fri Aug 3 21:51:04 2012
Brooklyn Heights Again

Wandered around Brooklyn Heights for awhile after spending much of the day at Vineapple. It feels a bit like Boston, and maybe I didn't feel quite as lost there. I really am yearning to live in an intellectual society, or city, or town, or neighbourhood, but if I can't have what I really need, there are at least some hints of that in some other places. Still facing this panic-y feeling of being lost though, like there's some grand story going on that I'm supposed to be part of but I wandered too far away and am fading. University withdrawl, I think. Both the place and the kind of person. When intellectual curiosity isn't one of the primary foci of the people I surround myself with, I get edgy. When I can't even manage to get people near me at all, and don't even see the placemarks of that society...

Wondering how this job application is going to go.