Having Been Human
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Mon Aug 6 22:10:56 2012
NYC and the scenes

In some ways, NYC has turned out to be a disappointment; it's less 24-hours than I remember, and there doesn't seem to be a neighbourhood with much of an academic feel. There are indeed plenty of great coffeeshops, but the food scene was (surprisingly) better back in Pittsburgh.

I only occasionally go up into Manhattan; it takes about the same amount of time as it took me to go from the suburbs of PHL into the city. Brooklyn is plenty interesting on its own, but this city seems like it's a better place to in-spend part of the year rather than in-reside in fulltime.

Right now it just feels like a fantasy, but I'm playing with the idea of heading to Boston sooner rather than later. It's not super likely given how rent and jobs and stuff will work out, but I'm enjoying toying with the idea.

Maybe some of my reasons are grass-is-greener anyhow; while Boston probably would be a better cultural fit, I don't know if there really exists a place with plenty of people like me *anywhere*. I sometimes hear about scientific villages that have been or are being set up in various places; that's the kind of place I want to be. The degree to which university towns/neighbourhoods simulate this is probably the degree to which I'm likely to feel at home there.