Having Been Human
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Tue Aug 7 23:39:50 2012

I don't remember if I posted about it, but last night I cut my finger open accidentally using a bread knife. This is a really unpleasant bread knife; it's cut me many times, although this was probably the worst; I lost a lot of blood, got dizzy, and had a very unpleasant cleaning task for the multiple rooms with pools of the stuff to clean up, all while keeping toilet paper wrapped tightly around my finger (replacing the TP many times because it soaked it up). Eventually it stopped bleeding because the toilet paper mixed with blood hardened into a pretty hard rocklike substance crusted around my finger. Yuck. But it stopped the bleeding.

Much earlier today I gently removed that substance. A few hours ago, after avoiding using it for most of the day (low-key day; feeling very tired, possibly from the loss of blood yesterday), I noticed that it really has been doing a phenomenal job of healing. That's one of those crazy things about bodies; less than 24 hours ago this was a large, deep, nasty slice that was gushing out blood everywhere with many layers of different kinds of bodystuff visible in there. Now it's this thin, not-even-all-that-visible line on what my body has pulled together into an intact finger. No swelling, no nothing.

Having almost no sensation in my fingers means that I can't really tell if it should be hurting (probably a factor as to how it got cut so deep in the first place), but it seems to be fully functional with just a faint acidy/burny feel to it. I regret taking time-lapse photography would've been impractical.

All this Curiosity Rover stuff has me thinking a lot about physical systems recently and how much cool stuff can be packed into a small package.