Having Been Human
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Sat Aug 11 17:11:52 2012
Unaging Eye

Post-Kep, I've gone on dates with two people, which were more just people hanging out than anything else. Not unexpected, given my past failure-to-date patterns.

I am kind of weirded out that my how-old-is-someone scales are pretty off; I keep perceiving people to be older than me who are actually younger. Part of it is probably a stage-of-life thing; I'm still living in a lightweight, unattached way, not having settled down much nor embraced most of the traditional mid-adult lifestyle. Part of it is that I haven't visually aged all that much and I don't see myself that much either; I still think of myself probably as a lot younger than I am.

I've stopped being attracted to undergrad-age people mostly because they act childish or have shallow life experience levels, not because of physical things. Still hoping it's not too late to find someone, although the paucity of the pool of potential partners is perturbing. Oh well.