Having Been Human
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Tue Aug 14 07:04:03 2012

Been suffering another migraine for the last few days. It's a light one, so I've actually still been leavning the apartment, but it's still highly unpleasant and I end up closing my eyes when on the subway or otherwise when my attention is not required, and occasionally the pain gets to me and I almost fall over. Sigh.

Wondering if having a single bowl of cereal a few days ago might be the cause of this most recent one. My family is known to eventually develop lactose intolerance. Maybe this is the form of it. I don't drink a lot of milk, but moderately often I eat cheese.

Apartment search is not going well. Unhappy that the job search isn't going that well either. Hoping things come together soon.

No motion at all on finding romance. Oh well.