Having Been Human
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Tue Aug 14 20:34:17 2012
Tail end of Pain

Had a migrane for all of today and most of yesterday. Gambled that leaving the apartment and having some tea and walking around would help. Glad it's paying off; occasionally this ends very badly and I'm almost senseless someplace a ways away from home. That worked okay in Pittsburgh, where sometimes I'd duck into one of the nearby parks and could lie down under a tree until the pain faded. Not so good in NYC.

But yes, I'm actually feeling pretty good here; the hot water has helped with the headache, and while I do feel pretty loopy (maybe because of the migraine cocktail I took earlier), I'm actually feeling pretty good right now otherwise. I like to pretend that I know what's going on and the hot water is helping to broaden the blood vessels in my head that are being too narrow and causing the migraine. Maybe that's actually what's going on, but given what I know it's an underjustified belief.

Not enjoying this apartment search.