Having Been Human
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Sat Aug 18 03:23:50 2012

A bit more on the oddity last Thursday:

So yes, odd timing. I'm pretty happy the way it turned out; I didn't really like the job, and I asked for far too low a rate, but it's nice that it ended after the application. I have plenty of savings and several prospects coming up for future employment. I have someone willing to help me move. I'm not saddled with a job I don't want but would've kept doing because of statements of intent to do so.

There is a chance that had the job ended earlier I might have headed to California or Boston to pursue offers (or potentials) that have materialised there, but I'm not ready to leave NYC yet, and being here for definitely another year is a good thing. I might stay longer; it's hard to say.

I really need to fix my sleep schedule. I am still most prone to be tired for sleep between 4am and noonish.