Having Been Human
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Sat Aug 18 20:57:36 2012
More about the shapes and fates of cities and people

I'm coming to understand what New Yorkers like about NYC. I'm trying to understand the degree of confluence between what I appreciate and what they appreciate. Prominence and entepreneurism seem to be the local culture; people can count on living on a stage for the rest of the world, and seem to know everyone. So many people seem to be used to using their social networks for business things, and balancing 4-5 things on the side of their main job. People think, but it's usually purposeful, meaning externally purposeful. I don't mind being socially a leaf, or a slight branch, but I'm not really social enough to take full advantage of the city.

Wondering about Pittsburgh and Cleveland, where there isn't this plan for the city to be going somewhere or to be prominent or anything. Thinking about how neighbourhoods relate to the city as a whole. Squirrel Hill felt like a shelter, CMU felt like a forwards look, and Pittsburgh felt significantly like a city that used to be something and was now looking for what it would be next.