Having Been Human
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Sat Aug 25 20:56:04 2012

My new place is now significantly set up and getting comfortable. I have internet, as of this morning, and that feels great. Really enjoying having a huge number of food markets nearby (in just one direction, the one I take to reach the nearest subway stop, there are thirteen food markets in two blocks). I am pleased to report that there is Okra. In abundance. This may be the time in my life where I have most access to ingredients for good cooking, so I'll have to try to remember to make good use of the opportunity.

While walking around today, I suddenly found myself in the odd circumstance of finding white people to be an oddity; a few months ago I read that in my area of Brooklyn, white people are a small minority, but I didn't expect to internalise it so much and begin to see the category as "other". It's not that it bothers me, just that it surprised me. The continuing evolution of parts of our mind that are not very conscious no doubt will retain the ability to surprise the more conscious part of ourselves.

Had another terrible migraine today, but it had a reasonable pain profile; initially incredibly intense with no vision, and a slow fade into nothingness. I'd give up a lot to never have migraines of this sort again, or to only have one of that (1-day, few hours) type a week, but it could be worse.

I need another desk and an easel, and I need to figure out how to store my books apart from the boxes on the floor that take up way too much space.

Apart from coding projects, work on stories, and philosophy, I've been enjoying a game called Darksiders II. The PC port is hella-buggy and some kinda-important functionality doesn't work, but the game is beautiful and fun.

I need to figure out the most elegant way to implement DynDNS-like functionality into the BIND running on my (hosted) site, so home.dachte.org will always resolve to whatever IP my home system has at the time. Probably will do research on that sometime tonight or tomorrow; I could script something up myself, but if it's a solved problem I'd rather go with something someone else wrote (unless installing the standard solutions is harder than rolling my own thing).

Trying to track down all the places that need to know that I've moved. Also trying to figure out how picky I should do in my job search. Talking with a few decent places, but not sure how to rank them in desirability, and two of them are doing a really terrible job at getting back to me in communications. Haven't been given them tons of attention because of this moving stuff though.

Tonight I swing by the old place for what's probably the 2nd last time; kitchen is already moved, now I just need to wrap up moving my room (probably 1 load, nothing heavy, although things are bulky), and then maybe tomorrow I'll come by and sweep and mop and then ride my bike over to the new place and be done.

The migraines and moving have made the muscles in my neck and back really knot up. Hoping my back massager will be able to clear that enough to end the constant low-level sore pain from that.