Having Been Human
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Wed Aug 29 14:56:04 2012
Not an Alpha

Had a weird dream last night, where I was getting to know a potential new romantic partner; the dream had a version of OkCupid, and the person's status was not single or seeing someone, but a (not really existing) status in between, "expecting to be seeing someone immanently" (it was some short word of that in whatever language my dreams are in), and while meeting her I remember her profile said she was looking for an alpha male; I found it weird that we were getting along so well, although I was not absolutely sure it was different than friendship for most of the dream until late in it, eventually leading to making out. Which the dream kind of glossed over, because it's something I haven't done for so long that I don't really remember how. Which is kind of weird.

It's strange that the moving is done and now there's just the slow unpacking process.

Intrigued by the wide variety in personal styles I see nowadays.