Having Been Human
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Fri Aug 31 18:24:05 2012
Skyrim and Math

Still settling into my new place; it has the potential to be really comfortable. The main changes I need to make involve the windows; I need to figure out how to get screens and probably get drapes for the places.

Been playing a bit of a game called Skyrim; it seems to be a mountain climbing game with an RPG tacked on. Having a ball hopping up mountains like a goat.

Started on Lskoff/Núñez's 「Where Mathematics Coms From」; spotted it in my recently-unpacked to-read pile. Having forgotten whether I had vetted it before buying it (don't want any Deepak Chopra-esque bullshit), I was wondering if it's of high enough quality to be worth reading, but apparently whenever I bought it I had in fact done very good research (or I lucked out); it seems to be scientifically and philosophically mature, and opened by demolishing platonic foundations followed with a description of the methods and questions the work aims to answer. Looks like it'll be great. Chances are I'll eventually write about it on my public-facing blog, but I'll want to make my way through more of it first.