Having Been Human
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Fri Sep 7 19:30:32 2012

Right now, weathering this migraine in a coffeeshop, I'm overhearing something adorable. Ordinarily I am irritated by the occasional chess players who show up to TeaL, but right now there's only one here, and he's playing against a young girl (probably about 9), alternating between telling her about the high theory of chess and characterising the pieces that are here in a goofy way. She's participating in both sides of that conversation, talking about trying to trap him while characterising her own pieces.

I think I'll use the term "squire" to refer to chess-aspirants.

Wishing all this wern't happening while I'm so dizzy and photophobic. Often really hot tea helps with migraines, enoughso that if I'm lonely and migrainy I'll usually gamble and head to a teahouse. Bad gamble this time. A bit worried I'll effectively pass out here, but I know if I try to leave I presently lack the strength to make it home. Hoping it gets better before closing time.