Having Been Human
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Mon Sep 10 14:09:45 2012
Withdrawl from being too close

The current storyline in Gunnerkrigg Court has a diplomat of sorts possibly having become too close to a side that has its own kind of madness recently demonstrated; the story's going in other directions, but it reminds me of a situation I've been in several times in life; I don't get along well with most people, and when I find people that feel right for a good friendship I become very close reasonably quickly, sliding through boundaries that most people keep around themselves.

I think on my side this is because a terrible need for intimacy in a life where I am alone and disconnected from others to the extent that it resembles a low-grade madness and constant pain. On their side, it might be that I have a comprehensive set of things to offer in a friendship that few people do; understanding that slides into a philosophy aware of emotional realities and life-struggles.

The intimacy can be dangerous. I think most people prefer more friendships with a lot less depth, while I'm generaly inclined to collect a small posse (4-6) people that do almost everything together.

Sometimes it's awkward when things become too aware and one or both sides find themselves needing to back off after one's self has been laid bare (figuratively speaking, of course).