Having Been Human
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Wed Sep 12 14:51:37 2012

The political discussions I get into online sometimes happen within the fences of American society, but sometimes other societies instead, and I wish it were easier to show people the differences sometimes, not necessarily that I want to push one sensibility on another (I do take sides on what the right sensibilities to have are, even if my own are not quite the American ones, they're fairly close), but so people would learn to step outside their perspectives long enough to examine them. Sigh.

There's a really different line of thinking on Islam and free speech that I'm arguing with here and there. It's happening outside the lines of the possible in American discourse and largely modern American thought. I think that admitting that argumentative space exists would eliminate some (improper) lines of attack in our discourse here; people would have to get used to the idea of inculturation, they would have to develop their ideas of the pale, and so on.