Having Been Human
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Thu Sep 20 20:00:38 2012
Fleshing Fiction

Working more on the characterisation of people in X-odus. Thinking about hobbies and how they're tools of self-expression is an easy way to get more depth for characters that I've been struggling to better-define for awhile. If only my drawing tablet's pen were not missing...

Although, just before I left the apartment today I figured out where the bag I use to hold my drawing pad and similar tools (goes inside my laptop bag when I head out and think I might sketch) was; inside a large tub that I've used as a laptop stand for so long that I forgot that it's a container; the person who helped me move actually opened it up, took some of the little-read books out of it for boxing, and piled some misc stuff inside. Maybe the tablet pen ended up in there too somehow. I'll have to do a more through search when I get back home.

Today I spent much of the day at Cafe Madeline, a teahouse right around the corner from my last apartment. It's actually closer than TeaLounge; less comfortable, but more mentally lightweight (TeaLounge sucks you in). I need to avoid exercising the muscle memory in heading back to the old apartment, but otherwise all's good. The supermarkets here sell more end-product-type food rather than the raw cook-it-yourself stuff that's more common up where I live now; it's more convenient to grab some products down here.

In the early stages of interviewing with Google again. I'm not sure if anything will come of this, but it'd be cool.