Having Been Human
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Mon Oct 8 17:41:45 2012

This weekend, EH, a friend of mine, visited from Boston; she's someone I knew for years in Pittsburgh and who was part of the Te Cafe community. She came in very late in the evening on Friday via Megabus, a bit late to actually do anything. Saturday, we walked through Prospect Park and then up the communities on the west side of Brooklyn. We found a cool furniture store called 「http://goo.gl/maps/MTV7r|FIND Home Furnishings」 that I might have to visit when I am employed again, then walked through Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, and finally Brooklyn Heights, ending up at Vineapple for awhile.

We caught a train up to Yaffa, had some dinner, then went to a very fancy artisan cocktail bar called 「Booker and Dax」, where we had drinks with tastes that I would not think possible. This was amazing!

On Sunday, I needed a bit of alone time, so after having breakfast at Cafe Madeline, EH went to MOMA and I went back home to sleep and recharge my social energies for awhile. That afternoon, we met up at Tea Lounge, talked a bit about the Antoni Gaudi exhibit she saw, then moseyed homewards where we saw some of Svankmajer's 「http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunacy_(film)|Lunacy」.

This morning, we went to PORTS for morning coffee and snack, then to the Soup Spot for some excellent soup. She then caught her MegaBus back to Boston.

It was great seeing her again and great in general to have some company.