Having Been Human
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Wed Oct 17 11:27:13 2012
Book of Dreams

I hate when I dream of books that don't exist that I really want to buy. Just woke from a dream; was in a bookstore of the future and was browsing the scifi section, read a book and suddenly was in an immersive version of the story. Seemed to resemble a lot of things, maybe a mashup of "In the Mouth of Madness", "The Dark Tower", "Otherland", and "Brazil". It had creatures that were like gigantic crows with cat heads, was petting one and it seemed terribly surprised and happy to be petted because normally people don't. Book had a lot of "what is real? Is this a place of safety or an institution?" feel. Also had elements of taking care of a family one wasn't sure is real. Lots of imagery of pale blue.

Really feels like the kind of book I'd like to read, and in the bookstore in the beginning of the film, it was a very long series. as I was starting to wake up I was struggling to put the name of the series to memory in case it was actually real. Name seems to be lost now.