Having Been Human
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Sat Oct 20 05:53:30 2012
Pinching Strangers

Forgot to include this bit about the end of Thursday, after the philosophy event; it's been bothering me since. As I was heading home from that, while going down the stairs to catch one of the trains, my giant laptop bag somehow managed to pinch/scrape a guy's hand; I didn't really notice the pinch/scrape, but I did see him react and I said sorry, but I wasn't sure I said it well enough, and I also wasn't sure if I should've done more. Accidents happen, and it was obviously nothing serious, but I don't like to feel that I've hurt someone. It's been bothering me a bit since.

Maybe I'd feel better if I didn't think my tone of voice for the sorry wasn't right; it wasn't aggressive or something, but I was tired and I think it was kind of atonal/flat. I regreeted not asking "are you alright?" after that.

It felt like a weird end to an otherwise decent day.