Having Been Human
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Mon Oct 22 19:44:39 2012
Kicking a Sore Tuchas

Today I went for a bike adventure with SaraB. Unfortunately, I somehow didn't register it as a bike adventure (in the way that biking in the park is), so I didn't wear the padded tights that I normally wear for biking; not long after starting to head to her place (which has a strange layout-resemblance to the house in Pittsburgh where I lived on the first floor and she and a bunch of others lived on the second and third floors), I felt myself begin to be bruised by the ride (also had just inflated the tires, so the ride may have been less cushioned than usual). We biked to a cute donut place a few blocks from her place, the same place that provided a stand at the Fleamarket where I had bought a delicious and weird donut ;got 2 donuts today, one of which was an even weirder donut, even more delicious too.

After that we went way out to Vineapple, her first time there, and had some iced tea, hung out for a bit, then went back to her place (shortly after I went home, dropped off my bike, and left for here (TeaLounge).

On the way, I picked up a book that a meetup-acquaint of mine (interesting much older woman from Britain) loaned me; book is called 「In the Garden of Beasts」. It covers the experiences of an American ambassodor to Germany during the period between the wars; I am again reminded of something I know on a deeper level but often forget in the "big picture" version of history I work from, that anti-semitism was deeply present in American society for much of the period, and that American tendencies towards isolationism are similarly old and act to limit our solidarity with other humans in very sad ways. Anti-semitism today may be far weaker, but society has not come that far towards a universal solidarity that I think we need; we still fail to see the humanity of those in other nations as precious, and our political rhetoric has scarcely evolved. The more I stare at this fact, the more frustrated I am. I hope I don't come to put it deeply into the background again because it is a bitter herb.

I am also thinking a lot lately about a conversation I had with EH about how uncomfortable I am with explicit acknowledgement of things like friendship, enjoying each other's company, etc, and how it acts as a social barrier if others need something more than implicit acks. Hard to figure out how to change that.

Glad to be sitting on a soft chair now; I really need more comfortable things to set on at home.