Having Been Human
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Wed Oct 24 18:12:46 2012
Tiring of Greatness

Over the last bit I finished playing through another character in Skyrim; had the great delight of finally playing in a way where melee was a big part of the fun. It was a loosened version of a trick run that I saw someone posting about; they played a pure muscle build that, supported by an enchantment only learnable from a rare item, let them punch everything to death. Including dragons. It was very silly. My version of that was also punch-centric, but because I was also exploring a vampire feature from a large DLC, I also allowed myself to switch into a vampire lord form that had some ranged magic, and alongside that I happily used various kinds of utility magic; the main effect of my restriction was that I didn't use any melee or ranged weapons nor any magic attacks unless I had transformed into vampire lord form (which is somewhat limiting). It was fun, although the game frustratingly ended in another gamebreaking bug that killed one of the major questlines I was enjoying; I could've switched to focusing on others, but it wouldn't've been the same.

I think I'm done with Skyrim for now. Will probably start playing again when the rumoured next DLC is released; sounds fun and amazing, but for now I have other things to think about; helping a friend with his business and some philosophy things I've been itching to write being chief among them.

I have some potential job and project opportunities coming up, including one group that I thought wasn't going to get back to me after I nagged them a bit. Cautiously optimistic on that front.

This coming weekend's Boston trip should be interesting; there for a wedding between two friends from Fri-Mon, and looking forward to seeing a few other people on the trip; the friends are from Columbus, and I'll be hopefully meeting up with two friends from different circles from Pgh, and of course I'll be seeing my youngest sister and her husband too. There are a few other people whom I might see but I'm less certain about that. Will be replacing some components of my suit while I'm out there.

Tomorrow is Birdemic, a terrible film that Rifftrax (nee MST3k) is covering live, at various locations all over the country. Woot.

Feeling oddly tired, a bit melancholy. I think maybe this is getting less sunlight because of the seasonal change.